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April Newsletter

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What’s going on at Inverness Animal Hospital?

For the months of April, May, and June, we will be focusing on educating our clients about fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes, as well as the health concerns they can cause in our pets. These concerns include Heartworm disease, Hookworms, tapeworms, Lyme disease, and many more. We will also be emphasizing the importance of using year-round prevention. While many think that the colder months are a safe time to skip doses of Heartworm prevention and flea/tick control, the fact is that there is no safe time. Especially in Florida, fleas, ticks, and mosquitoes (the source of Heartworms) are a year-round problem that must be constantly battled.


By not using prevention, our pets are at risk for serious health issues that are not only more expensive to treat than to prevent, but are also very difficult on our pets. It only makes sense to nip these issues in the bud and use prevention all year. And speaking of “nipping”…

We offer a wide array of preventives for parasite infection. Among these is our newest product, Nexgard, a beef-flavored chew that works to kill and control fleas and ticks. Given orally every 30 days, this great-tasting, fast acting product comes to us from the makers of Heartgard Plus. So easy to give, pets can hardly wait to eat it!

To see what deals or special offers we have on all of our products, you can visit ourwebsite at any time and click on the “special offers” link!

Last Month at Inverness Animal Hospital

In February we celebrated National Pet Dental Month! We offered 10% off of all dental related products, as well as $15 off of a dental cleaning and polishing! As dental disease is the leading cause of premature death in pets, it is imperative that we take good care of our pet’s teeth and gums. That is why we examine teeth annually and recommend a complete dental procedure be done on those pets with advanced periodontal disease. We also offer an array of dental products that can be used as a preventive measure to keep your pet’s smiles bright!

In March we revisited senior month and educated our clients about the changing needs of the aging pet. Those who took advantage of our Senior wellness discounts in September were invited back to recheck their pet’s bloodwork to detect any possible changes. As pets age, they meet a variety of health issues that may go unnoticed. This is why we recommend doing preemptive bloodwork if there are any concerns and to get pets on the track to the best possible health.
March also saw our celebration of St. Patrick’s Day! We invited all of our clients to see if the “luck of the Irish” was with them by participating in a drawing for a free bag of Greenie’s Pill Pockets! All they had to do was pull out the lucky clover from the “pot o’ gold”! Congratulations to our two winners!

Pets N’ Steps

The months of January, February, and March also focused on obesity in pets and the importance of maintaining a healthy weight. To emphasize this goal, team Pets N’ Steps reunited to join in the annual “Fitness in Citrus” challenge! By simply walking and recording the number of steps we took, we competed against other teams in the county and got ourselves and our dogs in shape in the process!

We were also able to contribute to several terrific causes! We participated with the Citrus County Blessings, an organization that helps prevent child hunger by donating backpacks of food every weekend! We also walked and were a sponsor of a 5K in support of the pediatric division of Hospice of Citrus County! It felt great to get healthy and show our support for some wonderful causes at the same time! And we are proud to say that Karen came in second place in her division! You go girl!

Metabolic Diet Update

We’re happy to report that we’ve had another patient reach the weight loss goal on the Hills Metabolic Diet! Over the course of a year, Willy safely lost 13 pounds, which totaled out to 28.9% of his initial body weight! Congratulations Willy!

A proper weight is crucial to your pet’s health and well-being. Obesity in pets causes a wide array of additional health issues including diabetes and kidney failure. Hills Metabolic Diet is a wonderful solution to getting your pet’s weight under control. If you think this may be the solution for your pet, call us today to schedule a consultation!

Looking Forward

Next quarter, July, August, and September, will have us focusing on Senior pet wellness once again! We will be posting several informative articles on both our Facebook page and our blog, leading up to our grand Senior Pet Wellness Celebration in September! Be sure to take advantage of the amazing deals we will have going on and get your senior pet on the track to the best possible health!

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