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Wellness Exams:
The doctors at Inverness Animal Hospital will perform a comprehensive physical exam on all new patients and every  patient before administering vaccines. Wellness exams frequently uncover small problems that may go undetected          by an owner.

Sick Pet Exams:
All sick pets receive a complete physical exam, as it is important to take a thorough look at your pet to be sure we address all possible problems. Additional diagnostic procedures may also be needed to fully evaluate the pet.

Senior Annual Exams: 
As pets age more quickly than people, we encourage clients with pets 7 years or older to schedule a visit for annual senior bloodwork. With early detection of changes or abnormalities we can establish a corrective course of treatment or intervention. Annual bloodwork and exams are the “systemic” check-up for pets.

Hospitalized Pet Exams:
All hospitalized pets at Inverness Animal Hospital receive a daily comprehensive exam by the doctor to assess response to treatment and to closely monitor for any new developments.